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Making remarkable wines since 1844.
Making remarkable wines
since 1844.
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Peter Gago, Penfolds Chief Winemaker, sits inside on a chair facing the camera.  A bottle of Grange sits beside him on a wooden Penfolds crate.
Steph Dutton, Penfolds Senior Winemaker, sits at a light wood table with rows of wine bottles behind her.
Kym Schroeter, Penfolds White Winemaker, sits on wooden crates.  He is wearing a blue shirt and red Penfolds bottles are visible in the background.
Andrew Baldwin, Penfolds Red Winemaker, stands in front of large wine barrels
James Godfrey, Penfolds Fortified Winemaker, stands in the warmly lit tunnels of the winery
Matt Woo, Penfolds Winemaker, stands with a bottle of wine beside him and rows of red Penfolds bottles behind
Andrew Hales, Penfolds Winemaker, sits in the warmly lit tunnels of the winery
Shavaughn Wells, Penfolds Winemaker, sits on a wooden wine crate in the vineyards
Shauna Bastow stands in the tunnel of Magill Estate