Penfolds tasting notes
About Tasting Notes

‘Vintage release’ tasting notes are written by Penfolds winemakers for each wine at the time of their release and include a general overview of the wine, maturation details, vintage conditions and commentary on the colour, nose, palate and peak drinking period of the wine.

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Care and Enjoyment


Spearheaded by Penfolds flagship Grange is a formidable stable of red and white wines that will reward careful cellaring. In order for your Penfolds wines to deliver their true potential, it is important to follow a few simple measures. This information will help with the correct storage of your wine.

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Even very young wines benefit from decanting as the oxygen contact ‘opens’ the wine up allowing it to show at its best. For bottles sealed under cork, there are many kinds of openers to choose from. However, a simple ‘waiters’ friend’ corkscrew will do the job most of the time on younger wines.

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Red wine is best served at around 18 to 20 degrees Celsius or 64-68 degrees Fahrenheit. In summer, it is sometimes necessary to cool the wine down a touch if the ambient temperature is quite warm. Red wines served too warm may seem volatile and alcoholic and will not show at their best.

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The Secondary Wine Market


The Langton’s Classification of Australian Wine is widely regarded as the paramount form guide to Australia’s finest wines. Entry into the Classification is based on a wine’s reputation and track record at auction. The inaugural Classification,

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Penfolds wines enjoy great success in the secondary wine market in Australia and in many important wine markets across the world. They are amongst the most traded wines in Australia dominating the auction price charts.

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