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1. The Re-corking Clinic

The purpose of a PENFOLDS Re-corking Clinic ("Clinic") is to service PENFOLDS red table wines that meet the eligibility criteria described in Clause 2 below.

The Clinic is a discretionary, free-of-charge service provided by PENFOLDS and by participating in the Clinic you may (subject to the conditions below) have the opportunity to have your prized PENFOLDS wine opened, visually inspected, tasted for the purpose of assessing its quality, topped up and then certified that it has been assessed at a Clinic. You may also be able to have your prized PENFOLDS wine re-capsuled.

By submitting your wine to a Clinic for assessment, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them. Submitting your wine to a Clinic can be done (a) in person, at the Clinic (b) any other method for submitting your wine that you may agree with PENFOLDS.

Please note that (as per Clause 5 below) your PENFOLDS wine will not be certified if you opt to sample it during a Clinic held whilst COVID restrictions are in force. Two tasting samples extracted from a bottle may compromise the quality of the wine inside.

2. Eligibility Criteria

2.1 Eligible Wines

To be eligible for the Clinic, your PENFOLDS wine must:

  1. be a PENFOLDS red table wine;
  2. be at least 15 years old (from the date of vintage noted on the bottle);
  3. not be an Ineligible Wine;
  4. have a label that is legible, with vintage clearly stated; and
  5. meet the ‘style’ and quality criteria (as determined by a PENFOLDS winemaker).

2.2 Ineligible Wines

If anything in Clause 2.2(a) or (b) below applies to your PENFOLDS wine, it will not be eligible for assessment at the Clinic ("Ineligible Wine").

Your PENFOLDS wine will not be eligible for assessment at the Clinic if it:

Your PENFOLDS wine may not be eligible for assessment at the Clinic, as determined by PENFOLDS in its absolute discretion, if:

  1. Automatic Ineligibility
    1. is without the original label;
    2. has a label that is illegible;
    3. has been assessed at a previous Clinic; or
    4. is missing an original capsule.
  2. Discretionary Ineligibility
    1. the level of the wine has dropped below the shoulder (as per the Digital Ullage Measure in Annexure 1 below);
    2. the wine bottle has experienced water submersion;
    3. the wine bottle’s capsule has evidently been tampered with; or
    4. the wine does not meet the ‘style’ criteria (as determined by a PENFOLDS winemaker)

2.3 Other

We note that:

  1. bottles in good condition will not normally be opened; and
  2. under no circumstances will PENFOLDS re-label any wine that is presented at the Clinic.

3. Assessment

Wines From 1950 Vintage (1950-2005 vintages inclusive)

  1. Where a PENFOLDS winemaker agrees to open your PENFOLDS wine, you confirm that you have given that winemaker your consent to open your wine and the final decision for your wine to be opened is made by you.
  2. Once your PENFOLDS wine is opened, the PENFOLDS winemaker shall taste and assess the wine.
  3. If the PENFOLDS winemaker decides (in their absolute discretion) that your PENFOLDS wine is found to be an acceptable example of the wine style and vintage, your wine may be:
    1. topped up with a recent vintage of the same wine;
    2. re-corked with a Clinic cork;
    3. re-capsuled at the Clinic; and
    4. labelled with a Clinic certification label, signed by the PENFOLDS winemaker.
  4. In the event Clause 3(c) above applies to your PENFOLDS wine, the Clinic certification label will certify that the wine has been opened, tasted, assessed and re-corked by PENFOLDS at the Clinic.
  5. Where a PENFOLDS wine is opened and tasted and determined by a PENFOLDS winemaker to no longer be an acceptable example of the relevant wine style and vintage (“Unacceptable Condition”), the wine will be re-corked with a plain, unbranded cork. No Clinic certification label and no capsule will be affixed to the wine bottle where a PENFOLDS wine is adjudged to be of Unacceptable Condition.
  6. Under no circumstances will a wine in Unacceptable Condition be treated in accordance with Clause 3(c) above.

4. General

  1. PENFOLDS reserves the right (in its absolute discretion) to refuse to open any bottle of wine presented at the Clinic or to limit the number of bottles of wine that may be submitted for assessment at the Clinic, regardless of whether a particular bottle meets the eligibility criteria.
  2. You are responsible for your PENFOLDS wine at all times before, during and after a Clinic. PENFOLDS will take the utmost care in handling your wine, however, to the maximum extent permitted by law, PENFOLDS accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to your wine or any other loss or damage that you may incur.
  3. PENFOLDS accepts no liability for the condition of your PENFOLDS wine and does not provide (and, to the full extent permitted by law, expressly excludes) any warranty that the discretionary services provided at the Clinic will improve the condition of your wine, add value to your wine or prevent the deterioration of your wine.

5. COVID-19 Requirements

Note that your PENFOLDS wine will not be certified if you opt to sample it at a Clinic held whilst COVID restrictions are in place.

Due to COVID restrictions, if you wish to proceed to sample your PENFOLDS wine at a Clinic, a sample will be extracted from the bottle and served in a separate glass to you. If you wish a PENFOLDS winemaker to also sample your wine a separate sample will be extracted for the winemaker and served to him/her in a separate glass.

However, as two tasting samples taken from a bottle may compromise the quality of the wine inside, we cannot proceed to certify your PENFOLDS wine should you wish to sample it.

Seating and table arrangements that meet social distancing requirements and the total number of patrons per venue/room must comply with the relevant state government COVID19 requirements.

Where possible we shall attempt to cater to your seating arrangement requests however this may not be possible.

All COVID-19 government requirements must be adhered to, and the impact of these requirements on your event will be discussed with you prior to your event.

You acknowledge and agree that you attend a Clinic at your own risk and will comply fully with all COVID-19 government requirements.

6. Filming & Photography During Attendance

  1. By attending the Clinic you consent to PENFOLDS and persons assisting PENFOLDS:
    1. filming, photographing and recording you during your attendance (Your Image); and
    2. using Your Image for any PENFOLDS’ marketing and promotional purposes (including by copying, reproducing and causing to be seen or heard in public or communicating Your Image on PENFOLDS’ social media channels, websites and through or on any other medium such as printed materials).
  2. You agree that PENFOLDS and persons assisting PENFOLDS:
    1. do not have to make any payment to you for use of Your Image and may (at PENFOLDS’ discretion) not acknowledge or identify you in the relevant promotional material; and
    2. may modify Your Image and compile it together with footage of other participants, photographs, film, music and recordings.
  3. You understand that:
    1. promotional material will be made available to the public across different media platforms which may include broadcast, the internet and social media platforms, and given the nature of the internet, once Your Image is made available online it is possible that they may be accessed, used, modified, copied and distributed by any person anywhere in the world, for any purpose (and PENFOLDS will not have control over such conduct); and
    2. PENFOLDS owns the copyright and other rights in all material created which incorporates Your Image.
  4. If you do not wish to be filmed, photographed or recorded, please notify a Penfolds staff member immediately at check in to the Clinic.

7. Privacy

Any information you provide to us through the website will be used and stored in accordance with our Privacy Policy and the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

We will only use your details for the purposes of registering you for the clinic. If you have ticked to join our mailing list, you are consenting to receive Penfolds monthly marketing information. We will always provide you with an opportunity to unsubscribe.

Annexure 1 - Digital Ullage Measure