雅塔娜 霞多麗 2014

1995 年份的雅塔娜于 1998 年首次推出。它的整个研发计划可谓是整个澳大利亚最为复杂、严密以及备受关注的葡萄酒项目之一。Penfolds 酿酒师们秉承独立思考、积极进取的精神,致力于酿制一款可媲美葛兰许的白葡萄酒。

从澳大利亚气候凉爽的产区精心挑选出品质最佳的霞多丽果实,加上一丝不苟的酿酒理念和非凡技艺,从而使雅塔娜的风味日趋完美。在澳大利亚土著语中,“雅塔娜”的意思是一步一步达到目标,这也正反映了 Penfolds 酒庄对其酿酒理念和初衷的执着。每一款雅塔娜都在书写更高品质的新篇章。2014年份为雅塔娜第二十个发布的年份。


Drinking well now, but will improve with time. Drinking window now - 2023. 

Taste Description

Pale straw.

Many distractions here – much more than expressive fruits, no matter how defined or intense … eight months in barrel on yeast lees has certainly impacted in 2015 … scents of fresh chestnut, oatmeal and white chocolate arise unprovoked; subtle struck match/abrased shale nuances require insistent coaxing.
Nashi pear and white peach fruits prevail, with stylish yet omnipresent French oak (pencil shavings/oak filings) playing a significant(supporting) role.
Nothing too showy, nothing singular. Complete.

Many fruits, yet the most apparent (pear, red Gala apple and white fig), sitting atop a foundation of the above-mentioned supportive oak; ever so sensitive, deferential.
Toasted oats and brandy snap complexities conveyed via a fine, linear and long acid backbone.
A mouth-coating film of fruit and racy acidity unfolds across palate, affording great length, contributing lingering tactile impressions.

Expert Reviews
97 Points
“The heart of this great chardonnay is its balance, and the extreme length built on its bracing acidity.” - James Halliday
Winemaker Quotes

“Template honoured. No passport. The chardonnay barriques emptied have to be our best; the assembled blend has to be our best. Simple really.”

- Peter Gago, Penfolds Chief Winemaker

Origin: Multi-regional blend. From Tasmania and Adelaide Hills.

Maturation: Eight months in 100% French oak barriques.

Variety: Chardonnay.

Vintage Conditions

Autumn and winter rainfall were above the long-term averages in the Adelaide Hills. Rain stopped abruptly in early August with nothing more than light and infrequent showers observed throughout spring.

In Tasmania, moderate spring rainfall and settled conditions led to good average yields across the region, with only isolated incidences of frost. A significant rainfall event in the Adelaide Hills in early January revitalised vineyards and gave vines a much needed boost throughout veraison. Mild days coupled with cool nights in Tasmania and the Adelaide Hills provided consistent conditions, resulting in high acid retention with even and steady sugar accumulation over the ripening phase. 

The release of Yattarna Chardonnay, after 144 winemaking trials, marked a new chapter in the Penfolds story.  The inaugural 1995 vintage was the most talked about and early anticipated white wine in Australian history.