RWT 巴罗莎谷设拉子 2014

Penfolds RWT 设拉子是一款取材自单一葡萄园并在法国橡木桶陈酿的酒品。相对 Penfolds 的旗 舰酒葛兰许(跨产区取材,美国橡木桶熟化)来说,该酒将呈现截然不同的体验。RWT 是英文 “Red Winemaking Trial” 的首字母组合,是对于这个始自 1995 年的酿造实验的纪念。2000 年 5 月,1997 年 份的 RWT 系列葡萄酒隆重登场,其品质早已超越“实验”阶段!与风格强劲气势磅礴的葛兰许不同,该酒 体现的是丰满馥郁的口感特征。RWT 系列葡萄酒选用果实的重点在于芳香和细密质地。这款佳酿从另一个 角度诠释了顶级巴罗莎谷设拉子的独特风味。


Continue cellaring. Peak drinking window 2019 - 2035.

Taste Description

A threatened crimson rim encroached upon by a deep, dark core.

Freshly sliced panforte – date, fig, with dried and fresh blue fruits that become more apparent upon sitting.
Immediately recognisable cedary French oak - synergised by the liberation of sweet Moroccan spices and a propulsion of dried roasted almond.
Conceded – can’t ‘smell’ acidity, so maybe such a perception is created via scents of rhubarb and cranberry?

This year more ostensibly textural than other red wines in The Penfolds Collection. Yet still super-saturated with red and blue-berried fruits and liquorices (both red and black).
Proudly extolling a formidable Barossa structure – layered/laminated, rather than thick/blocky … (aka filo-pastry or) ‘filo-lated’?!
Tannins – fine/emery/sleek/polished – all there to convey, not to confront.
Lingers, ever so pleasantly. Once again spoilt by the generosity on the palate of what the Barossa does best.

Winemaker Quotes

“Be warned - don’t mistake darkness for bigness. Remains fine-structured and yet plied with ripe tannins and laden with fruit. In a word, balanced.”

- Peter Gago, Penfolds Chief Winemaker

Origin: Barossa Valley, South Australia.

Maturation: 16 months in French oak hogsheads (83% new, 17% 1-y.o.).

Variety: Shiraz.

Vintage Conditions

Winter and spring rainfall were above average, creating an excellent start to the season. Relatively warm temperatures in August encouraged the vines out of dormancy early, with prevailing warmer than average conditions leading to early flowering.

Spring was generally cooler and drier than average, with the low soil moisture slowing growth and leaving vines with nice open canopies. January temperatures were lower than usual, with the maximum temperatures being the coolest in 22 years.

Without any extremes or stress the vines continued to ripen evenly leading into an early harvest. In February, hotter weather prevailed ensuring a fast and early grape intake.


The initials RWT stand for ‘Red Winemaking Trial’, the name given to the project internally when developmental work began in 1995. Naturally, now no longer a ‘Trial’ RWT Shiraz was launched in May 2000 with the 1997 vintage.

They have the precision, concentration, persistency and balance to age for many years.  The best vintages should last at least thirty years.