精選 Bin A 阿德萊德山區霞多丽 2015

Penfolds 精选 Bin A 霞多丽已发展成为一款独具特色的单一产区葡萄酒,富有现代风格与阿德莱德山区霞多丽的特征。所有果实均经手工采摘,装入小箱子中,然后整串压榨。接着果汁直接从压榨机逐渐进入橡木桶中,进行自然发酵,无需添加酵素。每个木桶的 225 升发酵都与众不同。在固体上发酵,并选用新旧混合的法国橡木桶,造就上佳口感与复杂程度。这款酒经过百分百纯天然苹果乳酸发酵。


Drinking well now, but will improve with time. Peak drinking now - 2024.

Taste Description

Very light pale straw.

More citrusy than normal with lemon meringue and preserved lemon notes. And yet still harbouring typical Adelaide Hills white nectarine aromas alongside yeast lees/oak- derived complexing characters, almond nougat.
A trace of powdered/finely ground white pepper adds an interesting and intriguing element.
Background minerals / struck rock / ferric flintiness (not quite wetted iron filings!) spiral upwards, building complexity. 

Lemon and citrus conceded, however, a more pronounced grapefruit pith character assumes control of palate - obliging a round, mouth-coating, softened phenolic texture.
Structurally, a mineral acidity coupled with papery tannins/phenolics, induce an impressive length of flavour.
An expressive Bin A displaying more purity and more drive, albeit with greater focus, tightness.

Winemaker Quotes

“Yes, heightened purity, and perhaps a little less ‘traditional’ Bin A artefact …. confidently reflecting the clarity and expression of fruit from a wonderful Adelaide Hills vintage.”

- Peter Gago, Penfolds Chief Winemaker

Origin: Adelaide Hills, South Australia. 

Maturation: Nine months in French oak (40% new).

Variety: Chardonnay.

Vintage Conditions

The Adelaide Hills 2016 growing season commenced under mild and dry conditions. Rainfall was below average throughout winter and dry conditions persisted through spring resulting in early vine growth. Conditions for fruit-set and flowering were favourable and contributed towards above average vintage yields. Rain events during late summer were, for the most part, pre-veraison.

Cool February conditions meant that ripening was steady and the slightly early start to vintage was a result of a mild and dry growing season. February and March weather allowed for a steady harvest, favourable flavour development and acid retention.

Reserve Bin A Chardonnay has established a strong following since it was first released in 1994.  The impressive successes at wine shows, both in Australia and the UK, has contributed to the significant worldwide attention to this hallmark Penfolds style. 

The early vintages included some Tumbarumba fruit and since 2003 it has been released entirely under screwcap.  

Reserve Bin A was not made in 1996, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2002 and 2011.