瑪格尔庄园 设拉子 2014

这款玛格尔庄园的单一葡萄园酒与 Penfolds 酒庄的创建有着千丝万缕的联系。葡萄果实取自位于阿德莱德东部(离市区中心仅 8 公里路程)的玛格尔庄园。该庄园建于 1844 年,是 Penfolds 酒庄最古老的庄园。葡萄果实在这个庄园内完成压挤、发酵及熟化等工序。玛格尔庄园设拉子于 1983 年首次推出, 酒体中等,风格优雅,经过法国及美国橡木桶的熟化后,呈现出柔滑的质地和精致的单宁。这款佳酿口感现代,却是经过手工采摘、开口发酵罐发酵以及筐式压榨等传统工艺酿造而成。


Continue cellaring. Peak drinking window 2019 - 2032. 

Taste Description

Impressive depth for this single-vineyard Magill expression – red with a purple/black core!

Magill Shiraz fruits tempered by barrel ferment artefact – oily Brazil nut/chestnut and gunmetal oil/soot.
An active ferment in open-fermenters hasn’t blown off the generous offer of mixed spices – crushed black pepper, star anise, peppercorn, sandalwood and bayleaf.
Alluring scents of broiled silverside and cured red-meats invoke a compelling desire to sip rather than smell! 

Medium-bodied … but only in the context of this year’s Collection line-up.
A fruity succulence, laden with summer-pudding, black forest cake, preserved plum and blackberry flavours.
True to label, the acidity is both fresh and inviting (more-ish!) – replete with a quince-like acid ‘edge’ and a dabble of cinnamon.
Tannins are fine and powdery; oak is balanced and absorbed.

Expert Reviews
97 Points - Andrew Caillard MW

Origin: Magill Estate, South Australia. 

Maturation: 18 months in new French oak (70%) and new American oak hogsheads (30%).

Variety: Shiraz.

Vintage Conditions

Autumn and early winter rainfall and temperatures were above the long-term average. Rain stopped abruptly in early August with only light showers observed throughout spring. Warm and dry conditions continued throughout the season which resulted in rapid grapevine growth and early flowering.

February brought weekend heat spikes, pushing mean maximum temperatures well above the average, resulting in early ripening and harvest. The Magill Estate vineyard was handpicked on February 9th and 10th 2015.


First produced in 1983, Magill Estate Shiraz is distinctly different to the mainstream Penfolds style, showing intense floral/ blackberry/ aniseed aromas, smooth richness and a ‘long spine’.