Grange 葛蘭許 2012

作为 Penfolds 跨产区、跨庄园混酿哲学的最早践行者及最完美呈现,葛兰许无疑是整个澳大利亚最受瞩目的顶级佳酿,也是南澳获得官方认可的文化遗产之一。 葛兰许选用果味丰富、充分成熟、质地多样的设拉子葡萄果实酿造而成。这款佳酿极富澳洲特色,同时也是世界公认的品质最为稳定的葡萄酒之一。从 1951 年以来,葛兰许从未间断生产,向世人展现了设拉子果实与南澳土壤和天气完美结合的独特魅力。


Continue cellaring. Peak drinking 2020-2060.

Palate Description

Opaque black core, dark red rim.

An aromatic assault / surge / eruption of soy, hoisin, balsamic reduction… coiled around a core of kirsch and fresh raspberry.
This propulsion is crammed with tell-tale barrel ferment, V.A. and formic Grange markers – all in balance, all respectful of fruit and oak.
And yet, so ‘classy’ – a brightness, a sheen, a gloss, a raciness – belying both age and upbringing (élevage).

No gaps, a densely-packed structural continuum.
Not huge, not massive, yet taut, muscular, feisty. A black palimpsest - black fruits, black liquorice,  black pudding, black fig, black cardamom....
Granitic chewy tannins linger and coat; oak all but fully concealed, submerged beneath a tannin/oak/acid/flavour tsunami.
Fruits? Where to start in this entanglement? Time please.

Expert Reviews

100 Points 

 "It reveals an incredible array of ripe black fruit, spice, meat and earth-inspired flavors, with a rock-solid frame to support this beauty (it should easily cellar for 40+ years!)." - Lisa Perrotti-Brown, Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate 

99 Points

“Gloriously, splendiferously complex. There are so many layers of flavour it's labyrinthine, yet you never lose the thread, the path, of the wine.” - James Halliday

Winemaker Quotes

“Six decades after the release of OUR favourite Grange, the 60 year-old 1953 Grange, this 2013 flexes, prances, twitches… Pressure is on! What’s the measure of this four and a half year old?”

“2013 – Undoubtedly will soon be universally proclaimed to be a classic ‘Penfolds vintage’ … and indeed over time certified a classic ‘Grange vintage’!”

“Not unlike the 2008 Grange – á la style / weight / disposition / cellarability.”

- Peter Gago, Penfolds Chief Winemaker


96% 设拉子、4% 赤霞珠

Vintage Conditions

The majority of South Australia had a dry winter reminiscent of 2006, vines were in water deficit at the beginning of spring and became accustomed to dry conditions quite early. The exception was McLaren Vale, where revitalising winter rainfall exceeded the long term average. Early budburst was noticeable across many regions.

Dry and warm spring conditions explained canopy growth and yields, becoming typical of the 2013 growing season. Warm days were dispersed throughout October, November and in early January, contributing to an early start to the 2013 harvest and a condensed vintage. 

Dry and warm conditions, coupled with lower than average yields resulted in fruit showing strong, structural tannins and wines of great intensity and encouraging flavour. The Magill Estate fruit was harvested in pristine condition, hand-picked on February 14th and 15th 2013.


The development of Max Schubert’s Grange is a modern tale of imagination, a battle against the odds and redemption. 

It began with a side trip to Bordeaux in 1949, where a wine ‘capable of staying alive for a minimum of twenty years’, first entered Schubert’s mind.  His first experimental vintage in 1951 began a new way of thinking that would eventually lead to a signature wine style, but not before Grange was discredited and Max Schubert forced to make the wine in secrecy. 

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