Penfolds 珍藏系列

Grange 葛蘭許 2012

作为 Penfolds 跨产区、跨庄园混酿哲学的最早践行者及最完美呈现,葛兰许无疑是整个澳大利亚最受瞩目的顶级佳酿,也是南澳获得官方认可的文化遗产之一。 葛兰许选用果味丰富、充分成熟、质地多样的设拉子葡萄果实酿造而成。这款佳酿极富澳洲特色,同时也是世界公认的品质最为稳定的葡萄酒之一。从 1951 年以来,葛兰许从未间断生产,向世人展现了设拉子果实与南澳土壤和天气完美结合的独特魅力。

Continue cellaring. Peak drinking 2018-2055.
Palate Description

Dense and imposing. Dark… RED!.

Unmistakably, it is what it is. In a word, Grange.
(Almost) all unleashed immediately upon the first splash into the glass – exuberant, lifted, flamboyant.
An aromatic ‘multi-cultural’ chromatogram brazenly unfolds:
First, enticing barrel ferment formics and balsamics, spliced with soy, tomato puree, black olive and liquorice (Dutch?).
Then, the exotics - wafts of tiramisu/mascarpone/zabaglione (Italy?), replete with freshly roasted hazelnut and ground coffee beans (Kenya?) 

Fresh and refined. Nervy.
Red liquorice, gravy reduction flavours and black olive tapenade to the fore. And then, just so much more!
Where to start?
Compelling depth - weighty/voluminous/fleshy - structurally complete and even throughout.
A radiant inner sheen, yet still assertive – a film encrusted with dusty, softened tannins that coat tongue. 
Great length.
A loss of innocence, as sculptured oak (purity/clean) and a boundless array of red fruits, congeal into a darkened pool of (un)known and (un)savoury delights!
Unashamedly and quite blatantly THE wine of this year’s Penfolds 2016 new releases! Enough said.


98% 设拉子、2% 赤霞珠

Vintage Conditions

The Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale regions were impacted with lower than average rainfall across the winter period. This resulted in early budbreak in spring. Healthy and welcome spring rain ensued, merging with a mild summer with just a few short periods of heat. Mild daytime temperatures and cool evenings were observed across the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale, allowing impressive flavour development without inflated baumés. Balanced canopies and crops provided even development throughout veraison across both regions.

Bursts of warmth and dry conditions continued throughout harvest allowing fruit to be picked in optimal condition.  Smaller berry and bunch sizes along with favourable weather conditions induced great results for traditional quality markers-colour, tannin profile, fruit concentration and flavour depth.


The development of Max Schubert’s Grange is a modern tale of imagination, a battle against the odds and redemption. 

It began with a side trip to Bordeaux in 1949, where a wine ‘capable of staying alive for a minimum of twenty years’, first entered Schubert’s mind.  His first experimental vintage in 1951 began a new way of thinking that would eventually lead to a signature wine style, but not before Grange was discredited and Max Schubert forced to make the wine in secrecy. 

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