Penfolds 珍藏系列

Bin 51 伊甸谷雷司令 2016

Bin 51 始于 20 世纪 90 年 代 ,是 Penfolds 酒庄白葡萄酒发展的重要成果之一,它的风格反映了伊甸谷的许多独特地理条件。伊甸谷的高海拔位置与凉爽气候为葡萄酒增添了高度的复杂感、优雅气质以及窖藏潜能。 南澳在生产优质雷司令的领域上备受世人瞩目,其中伊甸谷始终处于重要地位。鲜酿 Bin 51 拥有显著的苹果/柠檬芳香,其矿物味与果酸增添了层次感与质地。Penfolds Bin 51 伊甸谷雷司令的发展掀开了Penfolds 投身此种葡萄酒酿造历史的新篇章。

When To Drink
Drinking well now, but will improve with time. Drinking window now – 2020.
Taste Description

Light straw with green hues.

Instantly recognisable – ostentatiously trademark Eden Valley Riesling.
Rose petal and white flower scents arise, reverently accompanied by a citrusy splash (lemon/lime), and subtle hints of kiwi fruit and gooseberry.
Additional curiosity invoked – exotically prompted by snow pea tendrils, snapped dandelion stems, and almond blossom.
Easier-recognised talc-like ‘minerality’ to close.

Citrus to the forefront: lemon-drops, fresh green lime-juice and grated lime-zest invigorate; an uplifting lemonsorbet freshness and vitality enthral.
Fruit ripeness is balanced by clean, zesty acidity, with a brave phenolic grip inducing a memorable finish.


Origin: Eden Valley, South Australia.

Maturation: Three months in stainless steel.

Variety: Riesling.

Vintage Conditions

The start of the growing season was about one week late with budburst and shoot growth relatively even across the region. Flowering started in October and lasted about one week. Spring and summer were very dry with rainfall well below average, which stretched depleted water resources.

The mild summer with a lack of heat waves ensured the fruit was able to ripen evenly and develop desirable flavours without the threat of stressful heat events. The Woodbury Vineyard, from which fruit for this vintage release was sourced, stood out as a regional highlight.


Bin 51 was created in the 1990s as part of the evolving Penfolds white wine development program.  The first vintage in 1999 was labelled Eden Valley Reserve Bin Riesling. 

The evolution of Penfolds Bin 51 Eden Valley Riesling opens another chapter in a long history of Penfolds involvement in winemaking from this variety.