Penfolds 珍藏系列

Bin 389 赤霞珠设拉子 2014

Bin 389 是葛兰许原创人 Max Schubert 的另一佳作。葡萄酒在葛兰许用过的橡木桶中熟化,因此被俗称为“小葛兰许”。Bin 389 首创于 1960 年,为 Penfolds 酒庄建立了红葡萄酒的市场地位,集合了赤霞珠的清晰结构及设拉子的丰厚口感。Bin 389 成功地体现了 Penfolds 酒庄在平衡果实与橡木风味的精湛酿酒技术。


Drinking well now, but will improve with time. Peak drinking now - 2037.

Taste Description

Deep dense magenta.

The very first impression? Instantly Penfolds. Some barrel-ferment nuances perhaps? A formic lift, V.A., regressive oak? Maybe all listed are guilty partners!
Higher notes reveal custard tart and brûlée, courting meaty pan-scrapings/juices. Yet beneath, a darker edge – black pudding, sweetbread, asphalt.
Moreover, not just an ‘offal’ offering – an aromatic veil of satsuma plum, fig and quince paste aromatics liberally sprinkled above.! 

Enticing, inviting. A taste continuum of assorted flavours and textures.
A spoil of fruits meshed with a grain-like paste – chaff/oats/barley/wheat germ…. At once chewy and succulent, heightened by a mouth-watering acidity and overt 2015 ‘elongated’ tannins.
Oak barely perceivable. An interesting ‘package’ whereupon nothing stands out! A ‘balanced completeness’!

Expert Reviews
98 Points
“A classic vintage with brilliant aromatic complexity, proportion and balance. “Pound for pound”, probably the wine of the 2017 release.” - Andrew Caillard MW

Origin: Multi-regional blend, South Australia. From Wrattonbully, McLaren Vale, Barossa Valley, Coonawarra, Robe and Padthaway.

Maturation: 12 months in American oak hogsheads (32% new, 37% 1-y.o., 31% 2-y.o.).

Variety: 53% Cabernet Sauvignon, 47% Shiraz.

Vintage Conditions

Autumn and early winter rainfall were above the long-term average. Rain stopped abruptly in early August with only light showers observed throughout spring. The dry and cool spring period affected canopy growth early in the season. Warm and dry conditions during flowering and fruit-set resulted in rapid grapevine growth and early flowering.

A high rainfall event occurred in Coonawarra in January, mostly falling outside of veraison, and February delivered weekend heat spikes. Wrattonbully had a warm and generally dry ripening end to the season which allowed for the development on strong varietal flavours.


Bin 389 is one of Australia’s great cellaring red wines.  First produced in 1960, its history is connected with the development of Grange and Max Schubert’s ambition of creating a ‘dynasty of wines which all bear an unmistakable resemblance to each other’.  

Named after its original binning compartment at Magill cellars, Bin 389 is the most popular wine in the Australian secondary wine market because of its heritage, consistency and reputation. 

“作为拥有 57 年历史的作品,拉顿布里成为 2017 年上市 Bin 389 所用的果实的头号产区来源。 谁能想到呢 ? 当然不是麦克斯•舒伯特, 也不是丹•迪特…”

彼得· 嘉高