Penfolds 珍藏系列

Bin 311 唐巴蘭姆巴霞多丽 2015

Bin 311 霞多丽源自天气凉爽(有人会说有风险、贫瘠)的单一产区,每年的选材尽显 Bin 311 风格。2014年,再一次选用唐巴兰姆巴的果实,这里有澳洲最宜人、最凉爽的气候,海拔较高,适于葡萄栽培。自 1990 年代初,Penfolds 就开始栽培唐巴兰姆巴的霞多丽。在陈年橡木桶中发酵和熟化产生的矿物酸极具 Bin 311 风格。稍加过滤,保留优雅的果味。

When To Drink
Drinking well now, but will improve with time. Drinking window now – 2023.
Taste Description

Pale straw with green hues.

Citrus notes, compliments of Tumbarumba. Also appealingly apparent - apple, nashi pear, grated cucumber salad, snow pea and just the faintest floral undertone.
A captivating ‘sea-spray’ lightness ethereally hovers above this wine – airy, wispy, seductive.
Whilst oak doesn’t intrude, complexing hybrid scents of wet oats and crushed biscuit no doubt arise from associated yeast lees batonnage in Bin 311’s compliant and well-seasoned French-oak barriques.

Fresh nectarine and white stone fruit flavours prevail amid traces of (calimyrna?) fig.
Hints of almond meal, unsalted cashew/brazil nut… with a beguiling creaminess and Chardonnay ‘waxiness’ texturally enlivening mouthfeel.
Palate closure stylishly activated via a defined line of slate-like/mineral acid.


Origin: Tumbarumba, New South Wales, Australia.

Maturation: Nine months in seasoned French oak.

Variety: Chardonnay.

Vintage Conditions

Frost risk was greatly reduced in Tumbarumba due to warmer than average minimum temperatures for spring. Rainfall during winter and spring was minimal, reducing canopy growth. Above average summer rainfall (January was double the long-term average) increased the potential for Botrytis. However, careful vineyard management reduced disease risk.

Temperatures through January/February were below average allowing the grapes to develop slowly, ensuring full flavour ripeness and retention of natural acidity.

First Vintage: 2005.