Bin 23 阿德萊德山區黑皮諾 2015

Bin 23 之名来源于黑皮诺熟化地点——玛格尔庄园 第 23 号酒窖。Bin 23 阿德莱德山区黑皮诺是Penfolds红葡萄酒中一款有魄力而充满活力的佳酿,在改良的同时,保留产区特色,展现各种黑皮诺植株的复杂特征。 在酿制此款 Bin 23 黑皮诺的过程中,Penfolds 和凉爽的气候、高海拔的阿德莱德山区葡萄酒产区之间的关系日趋稳固,最终成功缔造出 Penfolds 窖藏珍品阿德莱德山区黑皮诺。

  • 手工采摘,整串保留发酵
  • 自流汁,未进行压榨
  • 粗糙酒渣沉淀,去除 SO2
  • 不进行提炼
When To Drink

Drinking well now, but will improve with time. Drinking window now - 2022. 

Taste Description

Medium red.

Earthy. Varietal – trés Pinot Noir!
Initially, definitive wild (Morello) cherry, kirsch/maraschino/strawberry aromas; followed by the derivatives - cooked beetroot, rhubarb, blood orange, ferric ’rust’.
Omnipresent smoked pork fat and crispy duck-skin glaze organics prevail, as does an intriguing ‘leafiness’ (torn grape-leaf, dolmade)… in this instance, not stalkiness.
Oak? Other than a slight dustiness, very subtle.

Lively Adelaide Hills fruit flavours – cherry, strawberry compote/conserve.
Oak more apparent than on nose, supportive and judiciously concealed.
Softened, silky tannins and a lively yet balanced acid-line throughout impart a velvety texture that coats tongue.
As the pour unravels in glass all then becomes increasingly more complex and invoking.


Origin: Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

Maturation: Nine months in French oak barriques (22% new).

Variety: Pinot Noir.

  • Hand-picked, 15% whole-bunch inclusion
  • Free-run only – no pressings
  • Wild ferment
  • Nine months on gross lees, without SO2
  • Not fined
Vintage Conditions

Autumn and winter rainfall were above the long-term averages. Rain stopped abruptly in early August with light and infrequent showers only observed throughout spring. A significant rainfall event in early January revitalised vineyards and gave vines a much needed boost throughout veraison.

Mild days coupled with cool nights provided consistent conditions, resulting in high acid retention with even and steady sugar accumulation over the ripening phase. Harvest across most vineyards in the Adelaide Hills was compressed with the majority of the vineyards picked by the end of March.

Bin 23’s name is derived from the Pinot Noir maturation location ‘Cellar 23’ at Magill Estate. First vintaged in 2009, it is a distinctive style especially made for Penfolds drinkers who enjoy rich, mouth-filling wines with plenty of fruit generosity and flavour length.