Penfolds 珍藏系列

Bin 2 设拉子瑪塔羅 2014

Bin 150 玛拉南戈设拉子独特的次产区风味毫无疑问是 Penfolds 的个性诠释。葡萄生长在玛拉南戈古老的土地上,靠近巴罗莎谷中心地带,位置偏西北,气候温暖干燥,再加上肥沃的红土壤,创造了酿造高品质葡萄酒的优越条件。Bin 150 的风格具现代感,是设拉子的另类表现,熟化过程采用新旧混合的法国及美国橡木桶,与 Penfolds 的传统理念一脉相承。


Drinking well now, but will improve with time. Peak drinking window now - 2023. 

Taste Description

Deep plum red.

Scents of black olive and dark black cherry laced with mixed spices/herbs.
A familial meatiness - Italian pork sausage, pepperoni?
Dark chocolate notes and a skerrick of liquorice.
Aromatically difficult to varietally unscramble the blend… No need.

Mataro’s green tea-leaf characters immediately apparent, as is Mataro’s inky/rubbly palate imprint.
Grainy/particulate/powdery tannins throughout. Ditto, barely perceptible oak (some vanillin, crushed biscotti flavours).
Evocative Shiraz fruits and savouriness dominate the mid-palate.
Refreshingly medium-bodied, enticingly textured. Drinking strongly endorsed!


Origin: Multi-regional blend, South Australia. From McLaren Vale, Barossa Valley, Langhorne Creek, and Wrattonbully.

Maturation: 12 months in seasoned French and American oak barrels.

Variety: 82% Shiraz and 18% Mataro.

Vintage Conditions

Above-average winter and early spring rainfall offered the vines in South Australia healthy soil moisture profiles for the growing season. Late spring and early summer were dry and warm with significant heat records being set. Warm weather prevailed during summer and throughout veraison, allowing grapes to develop evenly and with good intensity.

These warm conditions came to an abrupt halt in the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale in mid-February with a significant rainfall allowing for long slow ripening of the fruit in very good ripening conditions. Wrattonbully had a warm and generally dry ripening end to the season allowing for the development of strong varietal flavours.


Bin 2 was first released in 1960, yet was discontinued in Australia in the 1970s at the height of the white wine boom.

The original Bin 2 was an ‘Australian Burgundy’ style (despite its Rhône varieties) – typically a soft, medium-bodied wine based on Shiraz. 

The Bin 2 blend of Shiraz and Mataro is still relatively uncommon in Australian table wines. Also known as Monastrell or Mourvèdre, Mataro was introduced to Australia in the 1830s. Sometimes used in fortified wine production, this grape is widely planted in the Barossa Valley. It is greatly valued by winemakers for its blending attributes, adding complexity and palate grip.