Father Grand Tawny has been fully matured and blended for immediate enjoyment.
Taste Description

Medium tawny with hints of yellow and green at the edge.

Fragrant and fresh with oak complexity. Toasted nuts, chocolate, raisin plum fruits, clove spice and a distinctive aniseed lift. 

Arguably the most refined wine in Penfolds Tawny portfolio, replete with elegance and power. Exhibiting sweet fruitcake flavours, obvious wood aged complexity and concentration. The finish is fresh with a wonderful balance and lingering intensity.


Vintage Conditions

Each blend of Penfolds Father Grand Tawny is crafted utilising many vintages and varieties, capturing the best attributes of each to ensure a consistent and complex wine. On average a blend of Father Grand Tawny utilises some 15 different vintages. This ensures the individual vintage nuances are combined to create a consistent Tawny year after year.

Spirit Selection

A specifically selected ex-still fortifying spirit that contributes and enhances the finer varietal flavours and structure while lifting and enhancing the age complexity. Traditionally sourced between 78 and 85%v/v the key element of the spirit is its ability to fully integrate quickly and be soft and round without any hot or aggressive elements.


Origin: Multi-regional blend, South Australia. 

Maturation: Individual varietal components from each vintage allocation are aged separately in seasoned old oak casks. Many of these casks have been used for maturation of fortified for many decades and have been specifically selected for this wine to ensure the development and characters are consistent and true to the house and Tawny style. While some of these casks can be in excess of 70 years old, they may have only matured as few as six to eight different components over that time.

Variety: A blend of multiple varieties – including but not limited to – Grenache, Shiraz, Mataro and Cabernet.