Penfolds 50年陈酿罕见托利酒是极为珍稀的葡萄酒,堪称装在瓶中的历史。这种葡萄酒中许多成分的产年都具有重大意义:最古老的产于1915年,正是在这一年,澳大利亚在加里波利展现出了坚定的意志,成为了一个真正意义上的国家。这款出色美酒还包含1940年、1945年以及二战后几十年间的罕见托利成分,具有活力、和谐与馥郁特点。酒色呈深茶色和绯红色,香气温暖诱人,口感丝滑,还有悠长、清晰的白兰地味道,是真正顶级的Penfolds托利酒。作为永恒的经典,Penfolds 50年陈酿罕见托利酒代表了一个世纪的酿酒历程,也是历代Penfolds酿酒师共同努力的完美结晶。


Penfolds 50年罕见托利酒经手工灌入独特手工吹制编号蚀刻酒瓶中,该瓶由南澳州艺术家尼克·芒特(Nick Mount)设计。采用精密雕刻木质瓶塞,使用风干橡木桶木材料制造,取材于Penfolds加强型葡萄酒熟化酒窖。皮革标签、白镴顶饰与特殊手工盘制金属丝封口,均手工安制,展示现代复古美学。


This wine has been aged in small wood for an average of fifty years. Immediately upon release drinking optimally.

Taste Description

Deep olive brown with a distinctive yellow-green edge.

Vibrant and fresh, intensely complex with vanillin, burnt toffee, dark chocolate and Christmas pudding elements all seamlessly integrated.

Silky and luscious with concentrated flavours of mocha, chocolate and fruit cake. These flavours evolve and complex into salted plum and savoury spices, lingering on and on in a perfectly balanced finish.


Origin: Multi-regional blend, South Australia. Sourced from specifically selected vineyards identified for producing fruit with the characteristics required to produce wines that can successfully undergo the fifty-plus years maturation in old seasoned oak.

Maturation: Maturation in seasoned oak hogsheads. Some components were aged further in the original Grandfather Solera. The 1915 component, after barrel maturation was glass-aged in half-gallon flagons. Vintage components also include 1940, 1945 and various vintages and blends from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, including 1959 to 1962, 1971, 1974 and 1987.

Variety: A blend of many varieties that include, but not limited to, Shiraz, Grenache, Mataro and Cabernet.


For the Series one release in 2013, Penfolds collaborated with glass artist Nick Mount to create 330 units, individually blown and hand crafted to suit the rarity of the wine. The wine encased captures the legacy of past and the aspirations of present winemakers, spanning almost a century of fortified history in one blend.