Bin 707 赤霞珠 2014

Bin 707 是赤霞珠中的葛兰许:选用香味浓郁的浆果;在新橡木桶中完全发酵熟化;表达了 Penfolds 对跨庄园、跨产区选材的深刻理解。Bin 707 系列于 1964 年首次推出。该系列葡萄酒在 1970 年到 1975 年期间因果实用于其它葡萄酒的制造而停产,1981 年、1995 年、2000 年、2003 年和 2011 年也因当时的葡萄在风格和质量上达不到要求而停产。Bin 707 系列葡萄酒醇香浓郁,有优秀的窖藏潜力,稳居澳洲最佳赤霞珠榜单之首。


Continue cellaring. Peak drinking 2018 - 2042.

Taste Description

Deep and dark red.

Nothing if not ‘complex’!
At first it certainly doesn’t shout Cabernet-teriyaki, Japanese sauces (beef and sweeter mushroom stock), nori. Sea spray/shale/seaweed/iodine to the fore.
But if in doubt delve closer – trademark Block 42 Cabernet pungency coupled with passata (tomato) aromatics ascend to sign-off on a 100% varietally pure pedigree.
Barely perceptible oak (but 100% new!) aligns with scents of boardroom worn-leather to convey this wine’s many non-fruit derived credentials.
All the above coalesce with an odd transient waft that surely must come from a bakery/patisserie – freshly baked vanilla sponge in particular. No? Really!

Saturated dark fruits – blackberry and blackcurrant with flourishes of aniseed and black bean. A clearly demarcated oak core – radiating structural and flavour appendages that afford impressive palate weight and depth.
Localised (top of mouth) peripheral/fringe tannins in cohorts with a balanced acidity deliver to palate length expectation.
‘Made to measure’ layers of unadulterated Cabernet flavours, a noticeable grip, and a deceptively complex mouthfeel, construe to tick any remaining boxes.
Watch this space – an unnamed yet learned source has already suggested that this vintage could be a Bin 707 sleeper? Word’s out…


Origin: Multi-regional blend, South Australia. From Barossa Valley, Padthaway and Port Lincoln.

Maturation: 17 months in 100% new American oak hogsheads.

Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon.

Vintage Conditions

Above-average winter and early spring rainfall offered the vines in South Australia healthy soil moisture profiles for the growing season. Significant rainfall in Padthaway continued throughout the month of October. Late spring and summer were dry and warm in the Barossa Valley with significant heat records being set. Padthaway experienced very windy conditions through an extended flowering period which led to poor fruit-set.

Warm weather continued through the summer in Barossa Valley and throughout veraison, allowing grapes to develop evenly and with good intensity. These conditions came to an abrupt halt on February 14th with a significant rainfall event slowing harvest. The remainder of the growing season was warm and dry. This ensured desired flavour development and acid retention resulting in impressive fruit quality.


Bin 707 was first vintaged in 1964. The wine was not made from 1970 to 1975 (when fruit was directed to other wines) nor in 1981, 1995, 2000, 2003 or 2011 (when fruit of the required style and quality was not available).