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The Penfolds Collection

Magill Estate Shiraz 2014

The single-vineyard Magill Estate Shiraz is intrinsically linked to Penfolds beginnings. Sourced from the original Magill vineyard on the edge of Adelaide’s eastern suburbs.

Fruit is crushed, fermented and matured on-site at the original Penfolds Magill winery, established in 1844. Magill Estate Shiraz is an elegant, medium-weight style with velvety texture and fine tannins, matured in both French and American oak. It is a sleek, contemporary wine, yet crafted the original way: hand-picked, vinified in open fermenters and then basket pressed to complete fermentation in barrel.


When To Drink

Continue cellaring. Peak drinking window 2018 - 2032. 

Taste Description

Crimson throughout.

Different… in an altogether appealing and alternative Shiraz sort of way!
Fruits reconfigured - reappearing in a thinly-veiled guise of tomato paste, blood orange and cola.
An aromatic offer transiently masquerading as a dried flower potpourri (violet and jonquils) - adding further intrigue (and more questions).
Oak revealed via a register of rosewood/sandalwood/cedar, with conspiring tanned leather and clove denying parentage. 

Succulent, fresh, lifted.
A taste spool of sarsaparilla, citrus blood orange, cumquat, tangelo and persimmon. Yes, not simply ‘plummy’!
Red curranted, primarily red liquorice all-sorts flavours of yore, entwined by cucumber/cranberry-ish acidity and tamed tannins.
An overlay of barrel-ferment and smokey char remind of matters Quercus harnessed beneath.

Technical Information

Origin: Magill Estate, South Australia. 

Maturation: 18 months in French oak (67% new) and American oak hogsheads (33% new).

Variety: Shiraz.

Vintage Conditions

Above-average winter rainfall on the Magill Estate vineyard charged the soils, ensuring a good start to the growing season. Early budburst occurred as a result of a slightly drier and warmer start to spring. Temperatures were relatively cool during flowering, providing even fruit-set.

A warm December and January ensured even and concentrated development of flavour and colour post veraison. The Magill Estate vineyard was handpicked on February 10th and 11th 2014, just prior to the significant rain episode on Valentine’s Day.


First produced in 1983, Magill Estate Shiraz is distinctly different to the mainstream Penfolds style, showing intense floral/ blackberry/ aniseed aromas, smooth richness and a ‘long spine’.