Penfolds Special Bottlings

Penfolds Lot. 618 Spirited Wine with Baijiu

Curiosity led Penfolds to break the conventions of traditional winemaking from the very beginning; to experiment and innovate in order to create the unforgettable. Lot. 618 Spirited Wine with Baijiu, respects that legacy in true Penfolds style.

A lively, fresh blend of white wine varietals, punctuated by their floral and fruit-led notes is perfectly balanced by the ricey and fragrant style of baijiu.


When To Drink
Fully matured and bottled for your immediate enjoyment. 
Taste Description

Bright pale straw with a luminous green rim. 
Citris, ripe pear and peach fruit flavours at the fore with a lifted fresh bouquet of florals and aniseed base. Savoury, ricey notes follow from the beguiling baijiu to compliment the forward wine characteristics. 
A soft, fruit forward palate with ripe orchard of fruits, rich cumquat's and bold citrus notes.
Perfectly balanced by the savoury, ricey baijiu which enhances and lifts the palate and creates an intriguing, uniquely baijiu finish.

Stainless steel, before fortification with a neutral, ricey, floral baijiu spirit.
Aromatic parcles of Riesling, Chardonnay and Traminer were fermented seperately then blended prior to fortification.
Liquid Analysis
A fortified wine with baijiu.
Alc/Vol: 17.5%

“This was a natural process: To revisit the past with a twist and reinvent a wine for today. A creation based on curiosity.”

“We have a long history with experimentation of various wine and spirit methods and even different styles. Now we have a home for these innovations, Penfolds Special Bottlings.”

James Godfrey,

Global Fortified and Spirit Winemaker