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Bin 23 Pinot Noir 2018

Bin 23 Pinot Noir is a bold, and dynamic inclusion to the Penfolds red wine stable – reflecting an evolving style, regional definition and the complexities of the many and varied pinot noir clones. The relationship between Penfolds and cool-climate regions continues with the multi-regional sourcing of Bin 23 Pinot Noir.


今 - 2021. 

Taste Description

Fuji-apple red

An immediate ascent of delicate white strawberry and white raspberry pastille fruits. Yes, overtly cool-climate pinot noir.
Quickly following, a garnish of fresh thyme flowers and Hungarian sweet paprika.
And something else, admittedly hard to identify – an aroma lying somewhere between saffron and mustard seed. If only spectrophotometer could ... !?!
Oak? Perhaps a scent of star anise may be a link? Upon sitting, the faintest waft of pencil shavings confirms a definite Quercus
robur or sessiliflora connection.

Medium-bodied. Weight and texture no doubt positively influenced by an appealing glycerolic contribution.
Felt like, rather than velvety tannins, with cherry and strawberry fruits inducing a refreshing mouth-watering/salivating grip.
‘Underneath’ - impressions of tilled wet-earth and aligned parsnip/turnip (kohlrabi) flavours.
Oak imparts a structural rather than a flavour imprint – was that 17% or 0.17% new oak?!

Winemaker Quotes

“A style evolution which is true to our winemaking philosophy; three cool-climate regions for one bold blend.”

- Peter Gago, Penfolds Chief Winemaker


18/20 Points - Matthew Jukes

95 Points - Andrew Caillard MW

91 Points - Angus Hughson


産地: アデレード・ヒルズ、南オーストラリア。



  • 手摘み、全房発酵15%
  • フリーラン果汁のみ。プレスラン果汁は未使用。
  • ワイルド・ファーメント(天然酵母発酵
  • 二酸化硫黄なしで、重く粗い固形物を沈下させ9か月
  • フィルターなし
Vintage Conditions

The first Bin 23 to showcase fruit from Henty (Victoria) and Tasmania in addition to the Adelaide Hills.

All three regions enjoyed a relatively wet winter which set the vines up with good soil profiles for the growing season. Henty was wet up to mid-December when much drier conditions prevailed. Tasmania had optimal conditions during the growing season, with clear and warm conditions during fruit-set, no frost issues and mild, dry weather leading to harvest.

The Adelaide Hills and Henty both had a very hot finish to the growing season with several heat spikes in January. Harvest was an orderly affair, with grapes ripening evenly across blocks and showing strong varietal character and vibrant colours.