Bin 128 Coonawarra Shiraz 2018 750mL cork bottle


Bin 128 Coonawarra Shiraz 2018

With each vintage release the cool-climate Bin 128 Coonawarra Shiraz provides an interesting counterpoint to the more opulent and richly concentrated warm climate Kalimna® Bin 28 Shiraz. Bin 128 comprises fruit sourced from the unique terra rossa soils of Coonawarra, a region that exemplifies the perfume, transparency and seductive nature of cool-climate red table wines. Coonawarra has remained the source of shiraz fruit for Bin 128 since the inaugural release of the 1962 vintage.

In order to further enhance the regional qualities of Bin 128, the wine is matured in a mixture of new and seasoned French oak hogsheads, élevage that was refined during the 1980’s when the transition was made from American to French oak.

Please note, in Australia, the bottle is available as a screw cap closure only.


2019 – 2035.

Taste Description

Shiny plum red

An assortment of gamey scents (to remind of an Italian salumeria!) – cured venison, sweet smell of bresaola, and finocchiona (salami with fennel seeds).
Not to preclude the local – a suggestion of kangaroo prosciutto, yet a definite assertion of the red dust of regional Coonawarra.
Redcurrant – crushed raspberry/cherry pip and a dried herb crustiness – thyme flowers?
Certainly quite a bit arising from the glass ... Coonawarra complexity!

Medium-bodied – well-proportioned, yet not big. Layered.
Appetising, juicy ... laced with cracked black pepper, red spices (Hungarian paprika) and caraway.
A skerrick of (cherrywood) oak and brick-dust tannins – verging on chalky
Fruits evident, yet the savouries beckon greater attention (glazed meats, green olive, capers).
Yet another manifestation of the flavours and structure of cooler-climate French oak-matured shiraz ... channelled via a Penfolds winemaking lens.

Winemaker Quotes

“In three words or less: Balanced. Poised. Proportioned."
"Essence of Coonawarra shiraz framed in French oak, replete with what can only be described as Coonawarra regional ‘red dirt’ and tannins.”

- Peter Gago, Penfolds Chief Winemaker


産地: クナワラ、南オーストラリア。

熟成: フレンチオークホッグスヘッド樽で12か月(新樽30%、1年物30%、2年物40%)。

ブドウ品種: シラーズ。

Vintage Conditions

Coonawarra enjoyed near long-term average winter rainfall, and slightly below average spring rainfall. Following a frost event on November 4th, the region welcomed warmer temperatures across the remainder of the month, +3.6°C above the long-term average thanks to a combination of high minimum and maximum temperatures. Coonawarra experienced 13 days of temperature greater than 35°C during the months of January, February and March, with the longest spell spanning 3 days (17th – 19th January). The hottest day recorded was 42°C on January 19th. From December to mid-April conditions were very dry, delivering only 50mm, which is half the normal rainfall. Consequently, there was no disease pressure. Mild conditions prevailed over the harvest, which allowed grapes to ripen with optimal flavour and fine tannins. An excellent season for Coonawarra shiraz.