Penfolds Special Bottlings Lot 015 Triple Oak Brandy

Penfolds Special Bottlings

Lot. 015 Triple Oak Brandy

Penfolds range of brandies now includes this 15 year old blend, a spirit that celebrates our tradition of barrel maturing and blending to a House Style.
This is a blend of two distinctive brandies, one distilled in 1999 and the other in 2004. A portion of each has been finished in Reserve Bin A Chardonnay barriques, Grandfather Tawny hogsheads and large oak vats to integrate the spirits and build complexity.

When To Drink
Fully matured and bottled for your immediate enjoyment. 
Taste Description

Deep golden with a sparkle of red and orange. 

Vibrant with a fresh vanilla bean and lavender lift. A floral note points to orange blossom, bergamot and jasmine with a hint of dried citrus peel. Darker malt, all spice and nutmeg aromas emerge from the chardonnay oak. 15 years maturing in oak has done little to diminish the freshness and finesse of the spirit.

The refined bright flavours of citrus and vanilla continue the palate with subtle flavours of apricot and nectarine in the
background. A tight finish lingers without aggression or overt heat.

Select components were finished in various oak casks, including French oak barriques once used to make Reserve Bin A Chardonnay and Grandfather Rare Tawny hogsheads, with a portion transferred to large oak vats. The youngest wood aged material in the blend was put to oak on 7th August 2004. However, the average blended age is 17 years.

The two spirits were immediately complementary in their overall characteristics. This allowed the components to seamlessly meld together and form a single integrated spirit in perfect harmony and balance, without one component dominating the other. The final element in the blend is a liqueuring of Penfolds Grandfather 20 Year Old Rare Tawny.

A seductive, elegant yet intense fortified wine that enhances and coalesces all flavours in total harmony.

Liquid Analysis
Alc/Vol: 42%

"An elegant spirit that encapsulates all the wonderful fruit flavours of the grape with the complexity derived from the
different finishing oaks. This brandy continues the tradition of Penfolds spirits under the Special Bottlings portfolio."

James Godfrey,

Global Fortified and Spirit Winemaker