Penfolds Max's Shiraz Cabernet Screwcap bottle


Max's Shiraz Cabernet 2018

Penfolds Max's Shiraz Cabernet is a tribute to former Chief Winemaker Max Schubert 1948-1975, a legend in Penfolds history. Max's constant pursuit of excellence paved the way for those who followed in his footsteps and also allowed the status and heritage of Penfolds Winery to grow.

A more approachable Penfolds style at release, Max’s Shiraz Cabernet is ideally shelf to glass.

 - 2028. 
Taste Description

Magenta core with crimson edges

A gorgeous amalgamation of two expressive varietals, each flattering the other in a synergistic union. 
Ripe cherry and Swiss milk chocolate aromatics invites further investigation.
A second swirl releases cabernet varietal-derived spearmint, interwoven with raspberry, cinnamon and fennel. 


A lovely balanced palate with fresh red currant and plum fruit backed by lively acidity. There is more than a hint of charcouterie with cured fennel sausage foremost in mind. 

Seasoned oak has integrated well to deliver a creamy texture and cola spice nuances. Fruit derived tannins are both fine and velvety.



産地: ラットンブリー、パザウェー、マクラーレン・ヴェイル、アッパー・アデレード、バロッサ・ヴァレー。


ブドウ品種:シラーズ 70%、カベルネ 30%。

Vintage Conditions

Above-average winter and spring rainfall offered the vines across South Australia healthy soil moisture profiles for the growing season. Cool days and cooler nights slowed vine growth in early spring with temperatures warming in October. Late flowering and veraison delayed harvest by a few weeks. Weather conditions during ripening were generally dry and favoured fully ripened grapes with well-developed colours and flavours.