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Bottle of Penfolds The Penfolds Collection Bin 128 Coonawarra Shiraz 2012 Bottle

The Penfolds Collection

Bin 128 Coonawarra Shiraz 2012

Created in 1962, Penfolds Bin 128 is a regional wine that reflects the unique climate and growing conditions of South Australia’s Coonawarra district and the relatively elegant style of cool-climate Shiraz. From the 1980 vintage, French oak replaced American, highlighting the pepper, spice and floral characteristics that define this style. Since this time, greater attention to fruit flavour ripeness has structurally resulted in a more complete and complex wine style.


When To Drink

Drinking well now, but will improve with time. Peak drinking now – 2028.

Taste Description

Bright plum red.

Perfumed high notes propelled by glacéed cherry, red jelly crystal aromatics.
Elderflower? Florals and cedar beckon attention.
A spike of choco-mint reminds instantly of its regional source.
Bircher-muesli mix – verging towards more primal/earthy chaff/hay/hay-shed.

Freshness and vivacity – a by-product of this wine’s age and upbringing.
Pomegranate/cumquat/beetroot – inducing acidity/grip.
Camphor/menthol/spice/focussed/binding– courtesy of French oak (26% new).
Chalky/angular/grippy tannins pave the way to a long and lingering aftertaste.

Technical Information

Origin: Coonawarra, South Australia.

Maturation: 13 months in 26% new French oak, 37% 1-y.o. French oak, 37% 2-y.o.

Variety: Shiraz.

Vintage Conditions
Winter rainfall and maximum monthly temperatures were close to the long term average. Adequate winter rains enabled full soil moisture at budburst. A lack of frost and intermittent rain helped get the season off to a good start. Dry and warm climatic conditions prevailed throughout the growing season. Summer temperatures were slightly above average, with little rain recorded. Veraison began in January, two weeks earlier than usual. Warm dry conditions continued throughout harvest with fruit picked in optimal condition with great flavour, tannin and acid retention.

Coonawarra has remained the source of Shiraz fruit for Bin 128 since the inaugural release of the 1962 vintage.

In order to further enhance the regional qualities of Bin 128, the wine is matured in a mixture of new and seasoned French oak hogsheads, a method that was refined during the 1980’s when the transition was made from American to French oak.