In order for your Penfolds wines to deliver their true potential, it is important to follow a few simple measures. 


An advantage with screw-cap closures is that you don’t have the bother of using a corkscrew and the bottles are easy to re-seal. For bottles sealed under cork, there are many kinds of openers to choose from. However, a simple ‘waiters’ friend’ corkscrew will do the job most of the time on younger wines.

At the Penfolds Re-corking Clinics, we often use the long barrelled standard table model Screwpull® corkscrew. This has a Teflon-coated pliable screw and a rigid frame which guides the screw into the centre of the cork and pulls it out with relative ease.

For older wines sealed under cork, Penfolds advocates using the German Monopole® Ah-So two prong bottle opener. This unique device allows intact removal of old, crumbly, moist corks. It works by slipping the two prongs down either side of the cork rather than running a screw into the middle.


The primary purpose of decanting is to separate the wine from sediment that develops in the bottle over time as a wine matures. However, even very young wines without sediment benefit from decanting as the process allows oxygen to come into contact with the wine. This oxygen contact ‘opens’ the wine up allowing it to show at its best.