Penfolds Century Vines Barossa Valley Shiraz 2018

Limited Editions

Century Vines Barossa Valley Shiraz 2018

A shiraz of character and distinction, demonstrating the synergy of venerated old vines and the ancient soils of South Australia. Grapes were sourced predominantly from Penfolds grower vineyards with low yielding century old vines. Penfolds House Style is evident, with well integrated oak and layers of complexity.

Old dirt. Old vines. Old Barossa. Unmistakably Penfolds.

When To Drink
Peak drinking window: Now - 2035
Taste Description

Crimson from core to rim. 

A quince paste/ripe fig fruitiness hovers above.
Aromas akin to a simmering stew reduction, liberating scents of bacon bone & braised vegetable.
A rustic splash of ferric artefact & pan scrapings.
Unmistakable markers - Old dirt/Old vines/Old Barossa.

An endearing mouthfeel as the ingested wine almost ‘rolls’ across palate – not quite an emulsion/film, but almost.
A coulis flavour mix apparent – red currant, ripe rhubarb & red licorice.
Closer inspection reveals a rote grütze red berry pudding contribution - very Barossa!
A quince-like graininess, chalkiness … tannin/oak/acidity derived? Maybe. Oak quite disguised.
Regardless, softened & almost feathery tannins abound in textural context.


Growing Regions

Rainfall in autumn was below average, a trend that continued into the early weeks of winter with only 25% of the long-term average achieved in June. Increased rainfall occurred in the second half of winter, with vines entering the growing season with moisture profiles well into the root zone, down to one metre. Conditions favoured canopy development in spring, initially dry before plentiful rainfall in November. Temperatures warmed substantially through spring boosting vine growth and rushing the vines through flowering. Summer was dry, with no recorded major rain  events. The warm, dry weather carried into autumn, setting up an Indian summer with favourable conditions for ripening grapes. A very strong vintage for Barossa Valley shiraz.

Technical Information

Origin:  Barossa Valley

Maturation: 16 months in French oak hogsheads (53% 1-y.o, 47% 2-y.o.)

Wine Analysis: Alc/Vol: 14%, Acidity: 7.0 g/L, pH: 8.58

Variety: Shiraz.