Re-corking Clinics

A unique service in the world of wine, Re-corking Clinics are a complimentary service offered by Penfolds where you can have a winemaker assess your Penfolds red wines with the ultimate 'health check'.

Re-corking Clinics History

Since their inception in 1991, over 130,000 bottles across four continents have been brought to clinics and checked by our winemakers. Now an institution, the service was inspired by Max Schubert, the creator of Grange, who would re-cork old vintages of Grange for his friends.


What is a clinic?

At a clinic you will talk face-to-face with our winemaking team. Re-corking Clinics allow wine enthusiasts the opportunity to, as required, open and visually inspect their wine, assess the quality, top up, certify, and re-capsule their prized bottles, arresting any further deterioration due to leakage or low levels.

The service is available for all Penfolds red wines, aged fifteen years or older. To determine whether your wine is in need of re-corking, we recommend downloading our digital ullage measure.

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“Re-corking Clinics aren’t just about putting new corks into old bottles. There’s an educational element, an element around provenance and cellaring. It’s a very holistic experience.”

Peter Gago

Penfolds Chief Winemaker

Upcoming Re-corking Clinics

This year our highly sought-after Re-corking Clinics will return to Australia, offering complimentary wine ‘health checks’ for Penfolds red wines aged 15 years or older.

Australia Re-corking Clinics

November 12 - December 1

2018 Re-corking Clinic dates and locations below: 

- Melbourne: November 12 - November 14 

- Sydney: November 22 - November 24

- Adelaide: November 29 - December 1

Nov 12 - Dec 1
Registrations have now closed