Back to the future

Fortified winemaking at Penfolds reflects a link with yesteryear evoking memories of the past dating back to the 1850s and the first plantings of Penfolds founder, Dr. Christopher Penfold, at Magill Winery in South Australia. The craft of fortified winemaking continues today, with the tawny style focusing on the synergies of multiple components in a blending blueprint honouring the house style.

The Penfolds 50 Year Old Rare Tawny is much more than a celebration of creative artistic endeavour. It is the ultimate reflection of a our philosophy that binds together generations of like-minded Penfolds Winemakers.

It honours time-proven tradition, style, innovation and quality above all else. Not unlike the winemakers who set aside an exceptional vintage nearly a century ago in 1915. So when you open the Penfolds 50 Year Old Rare Tawny, you are tapping into the spirit and vigour of winemakers who had the foresight to preserve the best vintages of their age to care for their successors.

Respected Australian glass artist Nick Mount was commissioned to create a bottle design worthy of its contents. The uniquely designed and individually crafted bottle was skillfully hand-blown and hand-assembled.

The passion and technical skill of blowing glass by hand; the precision of the hand-turned wooden stoppers crafted from history-soaked timbers of old Penfolds fortified barrels; the painstaking hours of positioning and attaching each pewter crest and hand-twisting every muselet wire: these time-honoured artisanal skills have created a beautifully tailored receptacle for this long-awaited Tawny.

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