05 January 2014

Penfolds has proudly unveiled a remarkable collaboration to mark 170 years of winemaking heritage. In its anniversary year, 'LINLEY for Penfolds' celebrates the birthplace of Dr Christopher Rawson Penfold, the founder of Penfolds, and is the ultimate expression of artisan craftsmanship.

The collaboration brings together an extraordinary commission to befit an extraordinary wine, the 2010 Bin 170 Kalimna Shiraz.

Created only once before in 1973, Bin 170 is a single block, single vineyard wine, sourced exclusively from old vines planted in the ancient soils of Block 3C, Kalimna Vineyard located in the Barossa Valley, South Australia.

To commemorate this limited edition fine wine release, Penfolds commissioned British cabinet maker, David Linley, through his luxury brand LINLEY, to create a number of bespoke signature cases using time-honoured and modern techniques.

The collaboration was inspired by Max Schubert's 'secret' Grange vintages and celebrates the 'secret craft' of winemaking passed down from generation to generation. The result is a symbolic connection of two countries through history and materials – English oak from the birthplace of Penfolds founder Dr Christopher Rawson Penfold and fumed eucalyptus reflecting his new home, Australia.

Chief Winemaker Peter Gago, says; "This is such a befitting partnership. David Linley and his team of fine craftsmen share many of the values that Penfolds has honoured since it was founded in 1844. It is a pleasure to share such vision with LINLEY on this project."

In total, seven imperial (six litre) bottle cases have been crafted for the collaboration, featuring the attention to detail, ingenuity, creative spirit and sophistication that the LINLEY brand is renowned for.

Opening the case is an occasion in itself. It features a bespoke compass marked with intricate detail and precision engraving. To open each imperial case one must turn the precious jade inset dial to the longitude and latitude coordinates of Magill Estate (-34, 138) – Penfolds spiritual home. Only then can the case be opened, to reveal the magnificent imperial bottle within.

Other features include a detailed Penfolds crest on the box exterior, created using the meticulous and labour intensive discipline of marquetry inlay. A secret drawer built into the box that is, according to LINLEY, "one of the most challenging features to include in a piece of furniture." The drawer contains a stunning photographic journey of Kalimna Block 3C as well as a Certificate of Authenticity.

The drawer lid will be customised by LINLEY with the purchaser's name and bottle number (from one to seven). The imperial case also includes a synthetic hygrometer combined with a bimetal thermometer to measure the perfect room climate, a barrel inspired interior and a bespoke wine pourer.

A limited edition LINLEY for Penfolds magnum case and 750 ml bottle case have also been crafted for this special release.

"LINLEY and Penfolds both strive to create the very finest products possible, whether this is wine or furniture, the aim remains the same – to produce something of a superlative quality using the best techniques and finest craftsmen and winemakers. Just as LINLEY push the boundaries to create innovative pieces of furniture, so too do Penfolds innovate and experiment to craft Australia's most iconic wines. This important collaboration demonstrates the best of both brands," says David Linley.

2010 Penfolds Bin 170 Kalimna Shiraz, with the limited edition LINLEY for Penfolds encasings is now available. For further information please contact the Penfolds Cellar Doors or our Consumer Relations Team.

Discover the Penfolds 2010 Bin 170 Kalimna Shiraz