Introducing Penfolds Special Bottlings

Forever fuelled by an unwavering curiosity, we pioneer new ways of creating the extraordinary.

We’re proud to bring you Lot 1990 Pot-Distilled Single Batch Brandy, our first offering in a very special collection. It is inspired by the past, influenced by the present and with one eye fixed firmly on the future.


“With this brandy we hope to have blown away the cobwebs of preconception and create a brandy like no other. A liquid that delivers vibrancy and freshness to the palate.”

Peter Gago

Penfolds Chief Winemaker

Placed in barrels in 1990, our Brandy has been slowly maturing for nearly three decades.

Finished with a splash of Grandfather Tawny, the result is an exceptional blend that delivers vibrancy and freshness to the palate, alongside complexity, richness and indulgence. It is a secret we’ve been holding for 28 years. Time to share it.

Where to purchase

Lot 1990 Pot-Distilled Single Batch Brandy is available at Penfolds Cellar Doors and at select airports globally.

Adelaide Airport
Beijing Capital International Airport
Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok Airport
London Heathrow Airport
Melbourne Tullamarine Airport
Shanghai Pudong Airport
Singapore Changi Airport
Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport

Our Winemaking History

We are the product of our great winemaking history; of our founders Mary and Christopher Penfold, who boarded a ship to the New-World, dreaming big, to make tonics, brandies and fortified wines.

Of Alf Vesey, Ray Beckwith and Max Schubert; celebrated winemaking legends who pushed liquid development to extraordinary new heights.


From the first vine cutting, our daring spirit has been there. When our founders Mary and Christopher Penfold left England on a journey of exploration and adventure, to discover a new life in Australia.


Alf Vesey starts at Penfolds and becomes known as our Master Blender. 

He worked for Mary Penfold and trained Max Schubert as is his understudy. Since the early experimental days, all our winemakers have followed in his footsteps to produce the very best blends.


Under the direction of Mary Penfold, a large distillery is built at Magill Estate to craft a pure grape brandy.


Our spirit production increases with a new bond store at Magill Estate.

Our liquids are noted as “thoroughly matured wine and brandy, so high in quality, and of such undoubted purity”.
-The Evening News October 3 1905

Penfolds Heritage History 1870


A large distillation plant is built at our new Nuriootpa winery to produce rectified spirit and brandy. This plant included the largest pot still in Australia at the time.


Max Schubert joins Penfolds and learns the art of blending from Alf Vesey.

In Max’s own words “A.E. Vesey, who taught me all he knew about wine blending”.


Ray Beckwith joins Penfolds. His enquiring chemistry pushes liquid development to new heights.

In 1936 he makes the groundbreaking discovery that acidity levels in wine could be a tool to control bacterial spoilage. He is believed to be the first in the world to use pH meters to control bacteria in this way.


Max Schubert has the vision and craft to create his first experimental Grange.

He continues in secret even against the orders of directors.


Our insuppressible curiosity continues today with the launch of Penfolds Special Bottlings.

A set of releases that showcase some of our most ambitious experiments yet.