Lot. 1990 Pot Distilled Single Batch Brandy Penfolds Special Bottlings

Penfolds Special Bottlings

Lot. 1990 Pot Distilled Single Batch Brandy

It has been a long wait, but a worthwhile one, as we showcase our unique take on a bold classic – Penfolds Lot. 1990 Pot Distilled Single Batch Brandy.

Placed in barrels in 1990, our Brandy has been slowly maturing for nearly three decades. Finished with a splash of Grandfather Tawny, the result is an exceptional blend that delivers vibrancy and freshness to the palate, alongside complexity, richness and indulgence. It is a secret we’ve been holding for 28 years. Time to share it.


When To Drink
Fully matured and bottled for your immediate enjoyment. 
Taste Description

Medium density russet with highlights of red and a distinctive yellow green edge.

An intense and powerful combination of aromas that have integrated together so no individual dominates.
Discovery is part of the indulgence. Vanilla, cinnamon, mocha, dried apricots, prunes and nectarines merge to form a liveliness and freshness that entices to search for more... it’s more than a brandy!
The influence of the Grandfather liqueuring and oak is obvious adding further vitality and density to the aromas.

Soft and round with great intensity.
A combination of marzipan, baked figs, cardamom and cinnamon spice surround the senses. The finish is warming with great persistence.

28 years in wood consisting of vats and small oak casks.
Part finished in Penfolds Chardonnay Barriques and Grandfather Rare Tawny Hogsheads.
Date in Wood: 18/04/90
The 1990 single batch has been matured in multiple types of oak to create the maximum level of complexity, finished with a small liqueuring addition of Grandfather to ensure the unmistakable connection to Penfolds fortified.
Liquid Analysis
Pot distilled single batch brandy.
Alc/Vol: 42%

“This Brandy is a connection to our past and our fortified winemaking tradition.”

James Godfrey,

Global Fortified and Spirit Winemaker