Re-corking Clinics History

Penfolds wine

Since their inception in 1991, Re-corking Clinics have allowed wine collectors to have their bottles assessed and if necessary topped up, re-corked and re-capsuled. The clinics have become an institution, where collectors enjoy talking face-to-face with the Penfolds winemaking team. Over 130,000 bottles across four continents have been brought to clinics and checked by Penfolds.

The idea of holding a Re-corking Clinic was inspired by Chateau Lafite Rothchild’s practice of re-corking old bottles for its customers. In fact Max Schubert, the creator of Grange, would also re-cork old vintages of Grange for his friends. Aside from providing collectors with a perfect and complimentary after-sales service, the clinics also give Penfolds an insightful understanding of how its wines are ageing under various conditions across the world.

Penfolds wines have a reputation for having the character, concentration and balance to age for the long term, even in not-so-perfect conditions. Although the best bottles seen at the clinics are always from great cellars or temperature and humidity controlled storage, Penfolds reds have a natural robustness because of the maturation techniques originally developed by Max Schubert and his winemaking team. The Clinics take place in various cities around the world. The service provided at the clinics is not just for Grange, but is available for all Penfolds red wines, aged fifteen years or older.

(Adapted from The Rewards of Patience, Seventh Edition)