CLIMATE Warm and dry.
LOCATION Magill – Adelaide, metropolitan area, 8 kilometres (4 miles) east of CBD - South Australia.
SOILS Rich chocolatey red-brown soils over limestone.
RAINFALL Average rainfall is 502 mm (20 in). About 220 mm (9 in) falls during the growing season.
IRRIGATION All dry-grown.
VITICULTURE Original Shiraz vines were planted in 1951, with most recent plantings in 1985. This vineyard is hand-pruned and hand-harvested.
FRUIT PROFILE This vineyard contributes fruit for Magill Estate Shiraz and Grange.

Penfolds Magill Estate Vineyard was originally established in 1844 by Dr Christopher and Mary Penfold. It is a remnant of the original Grange Vineyards, regarded as one of the choicest sites in early colonial South Australia. The area is 5.24 hectares (12 acres). It features gentle, west-facing slopes ranging between 130–180m (430–600 feet), situated at the base of the Adelaide Hills.
Magill Estate Vineyard

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