Steve Lienert

Penfolds Senior Red Winemaker

Growing up in the Barossa Valley, Steve Lienert was immersed in wine country, South Australia, fast becoming an oenophile and following his father into the industry in 1978.

Starting his career in the cellars at Penfolds, Steve embarked on a natural evolution with the company, taking roles in the laboratory and then in the winemaking team, where he now has the position of Senior Red Winemaker.

With a keen focus on guiding the Penfolds red wines from vintage to maturation, Steve is rewarded by the consistent quality of the wines delivered, highlighting the 1986 Bin 707 Cabernet Sauvignon and 2008 St Henri Shiraz amongst his personal favourites.

With each day being unique, Steve loves the diversity of working between the vineyards and winery, whilst also relishing the opportunity to engage with collectors around the world. His work also takes him to bespoke and exceptional tastings internationally, including New York, where he was part of the panel to taste the complete series of Grange and Koonunga Hill wines, for the seventh edition of Penfolds ultimate form-guide, The Rewards of Patience.

Over the years, Steve has worked alongside some of Penfolds most talented winemakers and his love for his work comes from a kindred approach to winemaking – respecting the traditions of the past, whilst embracing modern techniques and honouring the Penfolds ‘House Style’. With a strong sense of custodianship over the red wines crafted at Penfolds, Steve’s longstanding commitment ensures that the Penfolds story continues and the wines from within the cellars can long be enjoyed – after all, to Steve, that is what wine is all about.