Penfolds Vintage Fortified 2016 Bottle


Vintage Fortified 2016

A contemporary take on Australian fortified wine, the 2016 Vintage Fortified demonstrates the purest form of Penfolds ‘House Style’.

Fruit for this exceptional wine was selected with fruit density and structure in mind. The wine is made using a two stage fortification method. The initial fortification uses Penfolds distinctive spirit which reinforces the backbone of our House Style. This is then followed by a second fortification, where a special spirit is added to integrate all components, adding final layers of complexity and depth.

A richer and possibly more Australian traditional expression of this fortified style. 



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The ultimate primal expression of all that is Penfolds fortified, captured in a single wine."

James Godfrey

Penfolds Global Fortified and Spirit Winemaker