Penfolds Vintage Fortified 2015 Screw Cap


Vintage Fortified 2015

A contemporary take on Australian fortified wine, the 2015 Vintage Fortified is a bold, refined and rich expression of the Penfolds ‘House Style’. Crafted from traditional Portuguese varietals and shiraz sourced from South Australian vineyards.

This wine is made using a two stage fortification method synonymous with the Penfolds Vintage Fortified style. The first spirit addition arrests fermentation, fortifying the wine, and captures the rich fruit flavours and aromas. Parcels that show exceptional vintage characteristics then undergo a second, more precise spirit addition. A specially selected spirit accentuates the ‘House Style’ and enhances the wine’s complexity, depth and richness.

A defining vintage style with a distinctive Penfolds spirit.


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The ultimate primal expression of all that is Penfolds fortified, captured in a single wine."

James Godfrey

Penfolds Global Fortified and Spirit Winemaker