Introducing Penfolds Tribute Range

A limited edition range inspired by our past.

For 175 years, Penfolds has been grounded in experimentation, curiosity and uncompromising quality.  Our success has been driven by a lineage of visionary winemakers.

To mark our 175th anniversary, we are honouring the individuals from our past who had a vision and pursued it relentlessly. 

The Esteemed Creator

Max Schubert

Max Schubert is one of our most esteemed creators and our first Chief Winemaker.

Max crafted a dynasty of wines and championed some of Penfolds greatest innovations. This wine is a quintessential Australian blend and a celebration of the pioneering winemaking style Max created. Two of Australia’s most profound regional and varietal alignments blend to make an age worthy wine which exudes Penfolds ‘House Style’.

The Noble Explorer

Dr Christopher Rawson Penfold

Christopher Rawson Penfold began it all. A doctor, with an eye for medicinal winemaking, he and his wife, Mary sought a new calling in Australia. Christopher planted French vines and set in motion philosophies that would remain with Penfolds to this day.

This full-bodied wine, with its ripe dark fruit aromas, voluminous richness and plentiful tannins, is dedicated to him.

The Commander in Chief

Mary Penfold

Mary Penfold was the original leading lady. A force to be reckoned with, Mary’s progressive attitude catapulted Penfolds forward as winemakers.

She’d command from a white mare, watching over the vineyard with her treasured spyglass close at hand. Opulent red Shiraz fruits are beautifully captured in this vibrant, multi-regional blend worthy of Mary’s strong spirit.

The Creative Genius

Ray Beckwith

Ray Beckwith was a scientific genius who revolutionised Australian winemaking. From 1935 to 1973 Penfolds was his laboratory, where he was instrumental in the development of our leading red wines.

His greatest discovery was the use of PH technology to prevent spoiling. This wine bears all the hallmarks of varietally pure Cabernet Sauvignon, with classic spice and savoury notes supported by well-handled oak and supple tannins. An experiment of which Ray would approve.