Bin 170 Kalimna Shiraz

2013 ?

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Behind Bin 170 Kalimna Shiraz

Peter Gago
Penfolds Chief Winemaker

"Contemporary, youthful, exuberant...ready! Having said that... no hurry across the medium-term if you're so inclined- we are, after all, talking Penfolds!"


After a dry South Australian winter reminiscent of 2006, vines were in water deficit at the beginning of spring. Early budburst was noticeable across many regions and windy conditions during flowering were, in part, responsible for variable fruit set and lower than average yields come vintage. Warm days were dispersed throughout October, November and in early January, contributing to an early start to the 2013 harvest and a relatively short, condensed vintage. The dry and warm conditions, coupled with lower than average yields saw fruit develop with strong, structural tannins, great intensity and depth of flavour.