Since the early beginnings, Penfolds has relied on a network of grape growers to augment the supply of high grade grapes sourced from company owned vineyards. These Penfolds growers span the most celebrated regions in South Australia, and indeed further afield in Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania for premium chardonnay grapes.

Access to high quality grower fruit is an important part of the Penfolds winemaking philosophy. The fruit is subjected to the same rigorous classification standards as grapes sourced from company vineyards. Many Penfolds grower vineyards are well-established old vines that provide the Penfolds winemaking team with essential blending components for wines spanning from Koonunga Hill to Grange.

In the early 1990’s Penfolds established a Grange and Yattarna Growers Club to recognise the significant contribution of the growers who supply the finest grapes used to craft our Icon wines. Each year, the Club members gather to celebrate their involvement and the successes of the previous harvest.