Andrew Baldwin

Penfolds Red Winemaker

Andrew Baldwin’s passion for winemaking is unquestionable. Born and raised in wine country, South Australia, Andrew spent his formative years immersed in the vineyards of Eden Valley, earning pocket money by working amongst the vines on neighbouring properties.

Living and breathing the vineyard lifestyle from a young age, Andrew’s upbringing was the perfect prelude to pursue a career in the industry, training initially as a distiller, before moving across to wine and joining Penfolds as a cellar supervisor in 1988. With a natural affinity for the intricacies of winemaking, Andrew joined the red winemaking team in 1991 and has become integral to the continued evolution of some of Penfolds most sought-after expressions.

Over the years, Andrew has met and worked alongside some of Penfolds finest winemakers including Max Schubert, Don Ditter, John Bird and of course his current winemaking colleagues – all of whom are equally invested in the Penfolds ethos and approach to making wines.