Our Winemakers

Key to the success of Penfolds has been a lineage of visionary winemakers. There have only ever been four Chief Winemakers at the helm of Penfolds – Max Schubert, Don Ditter, John Duval and Peter Gago, each a custodian of a rich winemaking tradition that goes back for more than 170 years.

Our current Penfolds winemaking team has more than 100 years between them as Penfolds winemakers. They are constantly refining and improving their work, whilst honouring the winemaking techniques of their predecessors.

“All winemakers should possess a good fertile imagination if they are to be successful in their craft.”

Max Schubert

Penfolds First Chief Winemaker

Peter Gago

Penfolds Chief Winemaker

Peter joined the winemaking team in 1989, initially in the craftsmanship of sparkling wines, before moving on to reds as Penfolds Red Wine Maker. In 2002 Peter became the fourth ever Chief Winemaker for Penfolds. Together with his fellow winemakers, Peter’s careful custodianship has ensured that Grange and the other ‘older’ members of the Penfolds family, have continued to set the benchmark for their style and quality, while new additions to the range push the boundaries ever wider.

Penfolds Winemaker Peter Gago

Stephanie Dutton

Penfolds Senior Winemaker

Born and raised in a city renowned for its love of food and wine, Stephanie Dutton discovered her passion for fine wine, whilst working in some of Melbourne’s signature restaurants. In 2010, Stephanie joined the Penfolds red winemaking team, based at the Nuriootpa Winery in the Barossa Valley.

Penfolds Winemaker Stephanie Dutton

Kym Schroeter

Penfolds White Winemaker

Kym’s father, uncle and brother were all Penfolds winemakers, so it was almost inevitable he would join the Penfolds family. Kym joined in 1987 as a laboratory assistant before moving on to red winemaking in 1995 and white winemaking in 2003.

His Reserve Bin A Chardonnay 2009 was awarded ‘Best White Wine in the World’ at the 2011 International Wine Challenge and at the 2015 awards Penfolds went on to be named ‘International White Winemaker of the Year’.

Kym Schroeter, Penfolds White Winemaker

Andrew Baldwin

Penfolds Red Winemaker

Andrew Baldwin’s passion for winemaking is unquestionable. Born and raised in wine country, South Australia, Andrew spent his formative years immersed in the vineyards of Eden Valley, earning pocket money by working amongst the vines on neighbouring properties.

After training as a distiller, Andrew joined Penfolds as a cellar supervisor in 1988, before joining the red winemaking in 1991 and has become integral to the continued evolution of some of Penfolds most sought-after expressions.

In 2019 Andrew celebrated his 30th vintage at Penfolds.

Penfolds Winemaker Andrew Baldwin

Emma Wood

Penfolds Senior Winemaker

Emma joined the Penfolds team in 2016 with over 19 years of winemaking experience. She completed her studies at The University of Adelaide gaining a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Oenology) with First Class Honours.

In her early career, Emma worked in Central Victoria, Barossa Valley, Coonawarra and Great Western. As a result, she is passionate about making wines that are a true reflection of their region, variety and style. In 2006 Emma was named Wine Society Young Winemaker of the Year.

Emma Wood, Penfolds Senior Winemaker

James Godfrey

Penfolds Global Fortified and Spirit Winemaker

Born in Adelaide, James Godfrey always had an agricultural and scientific passion. Raised amongst a culture where wine was part of life, James’ passion for winemaking bourgeoned as a cellar hand in 1974, a job which solidified his career path and propelled him to hone his newly found passion in study.

In 1990, James joined the Penfolds wider team as a fortified winemaker, looking after the style, integrity and quality for all of Penfolds fortifieds. Now, with over 40 years as a fortified winemaker, James shares his knowledge and unwavering passion with the next generation and ensures Penfolds living history connects both the future and the past.

James Godfrey

Matt Woo

Penfolds Fortified and Spirit Winemaker

Raised in country New South Wales, Matt Woo grew up in a family passionate about food, wine and celebration.

In 2010, Matt became a proud member of the Penfolds winemaking team and is now in the unique position of taking responsibility for both the red table wines and the daily craftsmanship of Penfolds fortified collection – a series of beautifully concentrated and complex tawnies that celebrate the origins of Penfolds winemaking history.

Matt Woo

Andrew Hales

Penfolds Winemaker

Andrew joined the Penfolds Winemaking team in 2017 with over 28 years of winemaking experience.

Andrew is responsible for crafting Bin 169, Bin 707, Bin 407, Bin 128, wines within Max’s range and more. He is also responsible for managing Penfolds Nuriootpa premium vineyards and all Limestone Coast regions including Coonawarra and Robe.

Andrew is passionate about crafting classic wines that display elegance and finesse, with a balanced structure, sublime texture,and longevity.

Andrew Hales, Penfolds Winemaker

Shavaughn Wells

Penfolds Winemaker

Shavaughn grew up on a vineyard in Victoria’s Merbein; her grandfather was a Winemaker and Managing Director of Mildara Wines who introduced Shavaughn to a world of winemaking - both catalysts for her early affinity for wine. Completing an Oenology degree at the University of Adelaide, Shavaughn followed in her grandfather’s footsteps.

Two decades after her first vintage experience, Shavaughn joined the Penfolds team, working across the red wine portfolio.

Entrenched in the Australian winemaking community, Shavaughn’s contribution to the Australian wine industry and winemaking talent continue to be recognised.

Shavaughn Wells, Penfolds Winemaker

Dominic Coulter

Penfolds Winemaker

Born in South Africa and raised in Western Australia, Dominic spent his early years immersed in local vineyards and Cellar Doors surrounding his home town of Margaret River. His winemaking journey formally began in 2011 when he enrolled to study a Bachelor of Science (Viticulture and Oenology) at Curtin University.

Dominic joined the Penfolds winemaking family in 2017 as an Assistant Winemaker before being promoted in 2018 to Penfolds Winemaker. Dominic is responsible for crafting Penfolds Koonunga Hill wines, Bin 23 and Cellar Reserve Sangiovese, Tempranillo and Durif.

Dominic Coulter, Penfolds Winemaker

Past Winemakers