Celebrating one man's vision

The Penfolds Thomas Hyland range is named after Thomas Francis Hyland, a Victorian Civil Service Officer who joined the family business soon after marrying Christopher and Mary Penfold’s daughter, Georgina. In 1895, following Mary Penfold’s passing Thomas took full responsibility for the winery business.

Under Hyland’s stewardship the Penfolds business grew to account for one-third of South Australia’s entire wine production during 1896 – a remarkable testament to his unyielding vision and incomparable work ethic.

The Thomas Hyland range neatly follows the Penfolds philosophy of multi-regional blending, yet is also inextricably linked to Adelaide – the birthplace of Penfolds and a truly great wine city surrounded by some of the finest vineyards in Australia. The diverse climates of the various wine regions within the Adelaide zone grow grapes that display freshness, intense fruit definition, richness of flavour and balance.

The Thomas Hyland range of wines, proudly sourced from the region where Penfolds was first established in 1844, honours Thomas’s vision and determination, which laid the foundations for the renowned Penfolds winery of today.

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