There are several types of wine glasses available on the Australian market and ultimately the shape and style you choose will most likely be influenced by personal taste. Some glass manufacturers do suggest that the shape is responsible for the quality and the intensity of the bouquet and the flow of the wine, and this is worth taking into consideration. Penfolds prefers simple, decent-sized clear-cut glasses with a stem. However, sometimes it simply comes down to making the best choice from what is available at the time.

The poor storage of glasses is a problem that is rarely written about. If wine glasses are not regularly used they can collect fine dust and attract ambient odours and taints. If the glass is not washed out thoroughly prior to filling, these odours and taints can actually overpower the wine and create a completely wrong impression. Glasses stored in wooden or antique cabinets are particularly prone to this problem. Dishwashers can leave a film of detergent and if the glasses are not properly dried they can pick up interfering odours remarkably quickly.

To guard against these disruptions to the wine’s natural and intended state, Penfolds recommends that you wash and polish glasses prior to use, unless you are absolutely sure of how they have been stored.