Tasting Notes

In 1844 Christopher Rawson Penfold planted vines on the slopes of Magill to produce fortified wines. By 1881 Penfolds was responsible for one third of South Australia's fortified wine production.

Penfolds Father Grand Tawny is a tribute to 150 years of winemaking excellence housed within the bluestone cellar walls of Penfolds Magill Estate. It is a blend of outstanding Tawnies matured in small oak casks for an average of ten years.

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A blend of outstanding tawnies matured in small oak casks, this Grand wine has an average age of greater than ten years.

The Penfolds Tawnies are made in Solera Systems (stacked blending systems) at Penfolds’ Kalimna Tawny Cellars. These wines are all aged in 300-litre hogsheads (oak barrels) that are at least twenty years old when they reach the Tawny Cellars, having been used for other Penfolds wines up until that point.

The maturation process deliberately takes place under corrugated iron. At the height of summer the temperature on the top stack can reach 55 degrees; while in winter, the temperature can fall below 8 degrees. These cyclic swings in temperature are vital to the maturation process, as evaporation, concentration and controlled oxidation are all a part of the complex nature of the aromas and flavours.

The combination of extended barrel maturation and the Penfolds tradition of excellence ensure Father Grand Tawny has exceptional fruit richness, mellow aged complexity and great length of flavour.

  • Cheese
  • Baked pears in white wine, orange zest, cinnamon, vanilla bean and walnuts served with roasted walnut mascarpone
  • Hot Christmas pudding with custard and brandy butter
  • May also be served slightly chilled
  • Wine Name & Year
  • Show Name & Year
  • Award & Class
  • Penfolds Fortified Wines Father Grand Tawny
    Rutherglen Wine Show 2008
    GOLD - Class 423
  • Penfolds Fortified Wines Father Grand Tawny
    Royal Melbourne Wine Show 2009
    GOLD - Class 19