Tasting Notes

The ultimate balance, vitality and integration created are part of the winemaker skill-set, distinguishing the creation of a special wine from just an aged blend. The magic of this wine is its freshness and vibrancy. The palate is silky and luscious with concentrated flavours of mocha, chocolate, and fruit cake that evolve and develop into salted plum and savoury spice, lingering on and on in a perfectly balanced finish. The wine is best appreciated immediately on release to ensure that balance and vitality is optimally captured and enjoyed.

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Tradition, artistic collaboration and house style deliver a special wine to transport you back to the future.

Fortified winemaking at Penfolds reflects a link with yesteryear evoking memories of the past dating back to the 1850s and the first plantings of its founder, Dr. Christopher Penfold, at Magill Winery in South Australia. The craft of fortified winemaking continues at Penfolds today, with the tawny style focusing on the synergies of multiple components in a blending blueprint honouring the house style.

Many of these beautifully concentrated and complex wines are living history thrust back into another millenium and now transcending the passage of three centuries. The 50 Year Old Rare Tawny is a symbol of Penfolds heritage, typifying collabration and shared creative expression. It embodies craftsmanship and an intervowen dextirity of winemaking and time. The wine encased captures the legacy of past and the aspirations of present winemakers, spaning almost a century of fortified history in one blend.


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