One of the great pleasures of drinking wine is matching it with equally mouth-watering food. When matching wine with food, traditionally, white with white and red with red was the standard advice. Whilst sound, this basic principle does not take into account how our culinary tastes have evolved and the wide range of wine varieties and styles available today.

Now, we generally look to complement the flavours, weight and texture of the wine in the glass, with the flavours, weight and texture of the food on the plate. An example of this is would be pairing a fuller bodied white wine like chardonnay, with a dish like roasted chicken. Occasionally it is the contrast between the wine and the food that will deliver a better ‘match’. An example of this would be aligning the crisp acidity of a young riesling, with a seafood dish in a buttery sauce. The acid in the wine would cut through the creaminess of the sauce.

To increase your chances of a successful match, consider how the food was prepared and seasoned, as well as the texture and weight of the dish and any accompaniments. Food and wine has its own flavour and texture, so too does every palate. There are no 'rules', rights or wrongs. Just experiment to find your own matching ideas.